I Now Love Attending Weddings

My husband and I attended our friend’s wedding last night. In the past, I actually hated attending weddings because deep inside, jealousy was eating me. I was jealous of the bride and insecure of myself; sometimes questioning why nobody proposed to me seriously. In all fairness to my exes, the first one proposed at the worst timing and the second one gave me false hopes year after year. If you could consider that hilarious, then maybe we are on the same wavelength because I could laugh at that now.

I was the so-called “always the bridesmaid but never the bride.” Call it obsession but I have always wanted to have a family of my own. I have always wanted to have a happy family than a big career, a grand house or fancy cars. A big career, grand house and fancy cars are material things that I could achieve and be taken away from me but a happy family is my security blanket, my source of pride and inspiration.

My own wedding was not perfect. There were many behind-the-scenes that I could now laugh at. Miel and I were the only ones attending to the needs of our visitors. I am talking about the pre-wedding visitors like our relatives who were not familiar with our place, the make up artists that we failed to serve lunch and so on and so forth. I lost a lot of weight a month before the wedding and I was advised not to have my wedding gown repaired because it could take a lot of time for the modista, eh baka mabitin pa! You could just imagine paano uminit ang ulo ko nung isuot ko na at napakaluwag sa akin, mahuhubo pa ata! Then my husband teased me about it. Yes, he saw me while being made up clad in my wedding gown. My mother was very apologetic of my bitchy behavior and reprimanded me in front of my bridesmaids.
“Aba, may oras pa para mag-back out ka kung sa umpisa pa lang ganyan na kayo! Pasensyahan, mainit ang ulo araw ng kasal!”
My aunt justified my bitchiness by telling the bridesmaids that I might be very tired because of the wedding preparation.

Then at the church, during the marching, I could feel my gown going down. I stopped for a while and quickly fixed it. Because the gown had a long train, I could not maneuver my marching. Ambigat-bigat ng gown ko with all those layers of cloth and stones attached to it.

We were expecting 250 guests at the reception but only 150-180 made it so there was a lot of food for everybody. Yun nga lang, the caterer did not provide a presentable supot for the principal sponsors’ pabaon.

I dream of walking the aisle again with my husband in 2019. I want us to renew our wedding vows every 10 years. That should be attended by close friends and family. For the meantime, I will be happy attending weddings because I am no longer the green-eyed monster who secretly wishes to trade places with the bride. =)

Holiday Means Family Reunion

Yes, we don’t celebrate Christmas but we go to the province during Yuletide Season to visit relatives. Mama’s untimely demise last May 2009 made our family closer. The family that I am talking of are my father, brothers, sister-in-law, niece, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. Now that I am married, they are my extended family. Going from one house to another to catch up on lost times is a great feeling. I feel like being home.

Dolphy’s Last Film? Never!


In the article above, Dolphy forecasted that Father Jejemon could be his last film. The ace comedian is in his 80’s and making a movie could be so strenous for him. His deteriorating health is also eating much of his thoughts about permanent retirement; be it on the movies or be it eternal retirement. He expressed his concerns over his loved ones and of course that tops long-time partner Zsa Zsa Padilla.

Zsa Zsa and Dolphy’s relationship started with much intrigue because the latter was very much in a relationship with Alma Moreno to whom he has a son, Vandolph. Dolphy and Zsa Zsa’s career suffered from bad publicity and I even remember that Nescafe’ pulled out Zsa Zsa’s TV commercial because of the affair. The two decided to go the US for a much needed break from the intrigues and to start life together minus Dr. Modesto Tatlonghari and Alma Moreno.

Alma Moreno eventually moved on and married Joey Marquez while Mr. Tatlonghari raised a beautiful and talented daughter named Karylle. Zsa Zsa and Dolphy went back to the Philippines and from what I remember, “Gabi ni Dolphy” was Dolphy’s comeback show. Slowly, the public forgave the couple and before we knew it, Dolphy and Zsa Zsa’s career were resurrected.

My favorite Dolphy movies are the following:
1. Jack and Jill-it’s a Sampaguita movie and I happen to watch it on RPN9 in the early 90’s. Lolita Rodriguez (one of my favorites, too) played the role of a lesbian named Jack while Dolphy effectively played the role of a gay named Jill.
2. Ang Tatay Kong Nanay- I think it’s an RVQ production. It’s another gay role for Dolphy and this time, he’s paired with NiƱo Muhlach.
3. Home Along The Riles- (TV and movie) Dolphy has great chemistry with Nova Villa. Cita Astals was at her best element when the show was running. Claudine Barreto’s star was just starting to shine; the reason why she was pulled out of Home Along was for her to concentrate more on her budding showbiz career.
4. John and Marsha (TV and movie)- I actually like John and Marsha because of Dolphy and Dely Atay-Atayan. The clashing tandem of son-in-law versus mother-in-law is just hilarious!

Father Jejemon could be Dolphy’s last movie but most, if not all, of his movies are timeless; a nice watch after a long (and terrible) day.

Santa Stories

I was born and baptized as a Catholic. I even attended a Catholic university in college. Christmas was one of my favorite occasions. I loved the family reunion, Christmas shopping, carolling, putting up our 4-ft Christmas tree on a 3-ft high table to make it appear tall and putting a sock under that Christmas tree for Santa’s gifts.

I was four years old when I first received a gift from Santa Claus. I had a sockful of candies and a crisp fifty-peso bill.Christmas was so magical and I believed that there was a Santa Claus. I was twelve years old when I found out that Santa was not real but I kept it to myself so as not to spoil my brother’s belief that Santa was real. That Santa tradition passed from my second sibling to my third sibling to my daughter to my second sibling’s daughter. It was fun to see a child’s face beaming with excitement. That’s priceless.

It has been two years since I converted to INC and we have Thanksgiving instead of Christmas. My daughter is now a tween and my youngest is one year old, the latter won’t have any Christmas experience for sure. I can only tell him that when I was still practicing my old faith, I believed in Santa.

I can only tell him that I received candies and chocolates from Santa.
I can only tell him that his uncle wrote a letter to Santa requesting 10 pieces of good Transformers and 10 pieces of bad Transformers.
I can only tell him that his Ate Chang found out that Santa was not real when she accidentally saw the Santa gifts in the cabinet.


My 2004 Picture

I saw an old photograph of me wearing a halter top. I used to wear that kind of clothes when I was with my boyfriend as I was too easily intimidated by people looking at me. That was in 2004. Six years later plus getting married plus having another kid, I realize that I am more comfortable wearing conservative clothes. In fact, cardigan or jacket is my ally in the office. I feel safe wearing a jacket in a predominantly male office population. Not that I don’t trust my colleagues, huh!

Going back to the halter top, six years ago, I was at the peak of my youth. I am trying to reminisce the things that I did when I was younger. I realize that my young adult life is full of heartaches and frustrations. I could have used that youth and impulsiveness to get back at those who offended me but I chose to be forgiving and just moved on.

Labanan ng Matatapang (sa parinigan)

Pag jologs ka at may kaaway ka, paparinggan mo na lang ang tao pag nagkasalubong kayo.

Pag sosi ka at nag-i-internet ka, paparinggan mo na lang ang kaaway mo sa twitter account mo. Hehehe…

It’s Cristine Reyes vs. Sarah Geronimo now. Panis ang Claudine Baretto vs. Angelica Panganiban twitter war. The who ang pinag-aawayan nila Cristine at Sarah? Si Rayver Cruz na ex daw ni Sarah na dating nanligaw kay Shaina Magdayao na dating karelasyon ni John Pratts na kaibigan naman ni Sarah Geronimo na dating niligawan daw ni John Lloyd na present ngayon ni Shaina na binasted si Rayver na ngayo’y bf ni Cristine Reyes. Connect the dots lang yan.

Nakalagay sa call out ko sa YM ko ang “F*** the system!” Bahala na kung sino ang tamaan. Nabubwisit na ako sa isang sistemang bulok. Patience….patience….malayo pa man ang umaga eh darating din yun! Yun na!


We do not know when our time will arrive

Because our stay here is a borrowed time

Live life to the fullest

Enjoy your family and friends

Make a legacy

Time is short……

How Angelica Panganiban Made Me Cry


Above is the link to Boy Abunda’s article about how Angelica Panganiban learned about her adoption. Some months back, Angelica figured in a bitter fight with a fellow actress who was her friend since their “Ang TV” days. Several weeks before that, she was fighting with that fellow actress’ sister because of Derek Ramsay, her boyfriend.

There was something in Angelica Panganiban’s eyes that caught my attention. Her eyes were filled with kept emotions; sad eyes even when she was smiling. When she was a young girl, I remember that she dreamed of becoming a beauty queen someday. Those were the days when she played second lead to Camille Pratts.

The viewing public never had a hint that she was not her mother’s biological daughter. The only thing that we know was her parents were separated. Seeing her in a picture with her biological father after years of separation really melted my heart. It made me cry.

I felt Angelica’s joy; she felt complete after seeing her father. I wish she was given the chance to see her biological mother but she died in Singapore two years ago. Nevertheless, her love and respect for her is still there.

Many children, adopted or not, take their parents for granted. Many parents, biological or foster, take their children for granted. Angelica loves both her foster and biological family. Hats off to this girl!


Just when my life becomes monotonous
Came a pleasant surprise!
I chanced upon an old inspiration
And here I am, feeling recharged

There are things that I want to do now
Things that I want to do more
Sometimes, out of the blue
The unexpected happens quickly

Gabay sa Maliit na Pagnenegosyo

Ang pagnenegosyo daw ay parang sugal; pwede kang manalo o pwede kang matalo. Pwede kang manggulang o pwedeng ikaw ang magulangan. Masarap magnegosyo. Ikaw ang amo ng sarili mo. Ikaw ang CEO, ikaw ang bahala sa direksyon ng negosyo mo. Mali ang persepsyon na habang malaki ang kapital na inilagak mo sa negosyo ay mas malaki rin ang balik ng kita. Sa katunayan, may mga negosyong nagsimula lang sa puhunang PhP 500 na umuunlad talaga.

Tayong mga Pilipino daw ay walang talento sa pagnenegosyo ng gaya sa mga Intsik. Karamihan daw sa mga Pilipinong nagnenegosyo ay nalulugi din.

Paano nga ba maiiwasan ang pagkalugi? Narito ang ilan sa aking maibabahagi.

1. Kung ikaw ay nagnanais magtayo ng maliit na negosyo, halimbawa na lang ang sari-sari store, iwasang kuhanin ang malaking porsyento ng puhunan sa utang lalo’t malaki ang interes na babayaran.

2. Huwag bumili ng mga slow moving items. Halimbawa ulit ang sari-sari store, mas mainam na magsimulang magtinda ng mga basic commodities gaya ng sabon, bigas, asukal, kape, mga sangkap sa panluto at mga patok na chichirya. Ang mga ito ay fast moving items, mabilis ang balik ng puhunan komo ang mga ito ay talagang pangangailangan.

3. Alamin ang iyong market. Wag mong ipagpilitang magtayo ng negosyo sa isang lugar na hindi ito tatangkilikin. Kaya mo bang magsugal ng puhunan at gumastos sa marketing ng produkto mo? Kung hindi, huwag na lang.

4. Iwasan ang pagpapautang. Napakagandang magpautang sa taong marunong magbayad sa takdang panahon. Pero kung kalahati ng kinita mo ay inutang, nangangahulugan din ito na mas malaking pera pa ang kailangan mo para sa dagdag-puhunan. Kung ikaw ay nagsisimula pa lamang, iwasan ang malaking pagpapautang o magkaroon ng kasunduan kung kailan dapat ibalik ang perang inutang.

5. Pumili ng tapat na tauhan. Napakalaking biyaya ang magkaroon ng isang tapat at masipag na tauhan. Ang pagkalugi ng isang negosyo ay dahil din sa kung ano ang kaledad ng tauhan meron kayo. Kinukupitan ba kayo? Tamad bang magtrabaho? May mga tauhan na kahit maayos magpasahod ang amo ay nagagawa pang mandaya sa serbisyo. Kung kaya’t pag nakatagpo kayo ng isang mabuting tauhan, sya ay ituring na kaibigan o kapamilya ng makuha ninyo ang kanyang kumpiyansa.

6. Patuloy na maghanap ng mas mura at de kalidad na raw materials. Magtipid sa kuryente at tubig. Maging masinop sa gamit. Ang operating cost ay isa sa humihila sa negosyo pababa. Dapat nating maibahagi sa ating mga tauhan ang importansya ng COST-SAVINGS.

7. Magkwenta. Ang araw-araw na pagkukwenta ng mga gastusin at kinita ay isang paraan upang mas masubaybayan ang pagkalugi o pagkita ng isang negosyo. Ihiwalay ang personal na pera sa perang kinita sa negosyo.

8. Magkaroon ng direksyon. Halimbawa: Ngayon, ako ay may isang maliit na karinderya na may mga regular na customer na mahigit-kumulang sa 35 kada araw. Anim na buwan mula ngayon, gusto kong magkaroon ng 100 customer kada araw sa pamamagitan ng:
1. pagluluto ng mas maraming putaheng pagpipilian
2. pagiging magiliw sa customer
3. pagma-market ng aking lutuin- maari akong maghatid ng lutong-ulam sa kalapit na opisina kung ang mga nagtatrabaho dun ay mas gustong kumain sa opisina.
Sa madaling salita, importante ang direksyon dahil para itong pangarap na gusto mong matamo.